Rely on Your Wellness Formula When Sh*t Hits the Fan
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When Sh*t Hits The Fan, Rely On Your Wellness Formula

Do you have a wellness formula? 

Let’s be real, life has a tendency to throw some pretty sh*tty stuff at us every now and then. It’s like, juuussstt when you’re cruising along feeling like you’ve nailed this whole adult-ing thing, *BOOM*, you get handed your next little pile of sh*t.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the past wondering why certain things have happened to me, but as I’m sure you can relate, nothing productive ever really comes comes from that. Instead, during the difficult times, I now rely on a carefully designed coping strategy that I know works for me – I call this my wellness formula. With it, I’m able feel empowered and grounded enough to get myself back on track no matter what life is throwing my way.

I thought I would share the 5 elements that play a crucial role in my wellness formula so that if / when sh*t hits the fan for you, you’ll have a go-to approach that helps you feel calm, in control, and able to rise above the tough stuff.

#1 Your Go-To Workout: The key to identifying your g0-to workout is to choose something that’s an old stand-by…something that you feel limited resistance to, and maybe even consider kind of fun. Whether it’s a jog around the block, a hike with a friend, or a quick Tabata workout at home – the idea here is to get some momentum going in order to change your energy from couch-bound to pumped-up. For me? This always includes some form of resistance training. I don’t know what specifically it is that does the trick, but I always feel strong, determined, and in-control after a session. Even though exercise can often feel like a freakin’ chore, don’t discount the power of endorphins. You’ll reduce stress hormones, clear your head and even be able to sleep better.

Here are a few of my favourite go-to workouts:

soniajhas_heavycurls_Wellness Formula

#2 Your Go-To Healthy Meals: Keeping up with a nutrient-rich diet makes a significant difference in how you’re able to cope during stressful times. If you’re anything like me, you probably crave processed carbs when you’re under the gun. The reality is, healthy fats, protein, and veggies are what really help you stay satiated and calm. Sure, if you need a little extra comfort food during a stressful time, that’s okay. You’re human. My suggestion, though? Try to find healthy “good for you” alternatives that don’t taste like cardboard. Oh, and commit to a green-smoothie-a-day because let’s face it, it’s way easier to drink your greens than eat them when all you want is pizza.

My go-to healthy meals that are still full of comfort are:

Energy ball_Sonia Jhas_Wellness Formula

#3 Your Go-To Method of Unwinding: We live in this world of go-go-go and for those of us that consider ourselves type-As (ummm, me), we wear our ability to keep forging ahead like a badge of honour. But letting yourself decompress is truly important. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t manage my energy levels proactively, I end up hitting burnout pretty quickly. Particularly during times of stress and chaos, I find the concept of unwinding even more crucial. The key is knowing what methods work for you. I personally enjoy writing morning pages, reading before bed, and taking a few meditation breaks throughout the day where I incorporate breathing exercises. I also make sure to schedule at least one or two evenings where I don’t make any plans at all.

Here are some suggestions for self-care:

  • Take a bath before bed
  • Do yoga
  • Take a walk and breath deeply (by focusing on your breath, you’ll drop out of your head)
  • Try a body scan

#4 Your Go-To Mindset Practice: Staying positive is important when you’re dealing with the messy stuff. Maybe you can’t be super upbeat due to circumstances, but the one of the thing you can impact is your energy and how you choose to ‘show up’ to tackle what life is throwing at you.To keep your own sanity, focus on positive steps and actions that you can take. Rather than beating yourself up over the things that aren’t going your way, try focus on even the smallest wins and congratulate yourself for every tiny positive action! This is always true, but particularly needed during difficult times – so make sure you make it a part of your daily practice to reflect on all of your small triumphs! I like to reflect on my ‘wins’ before I go to bed in my journal, along with listing what I’m grateful for.

soniajhas_journaling_wellness formula

#5 Your Go-To Method to Let That Sh*t Out: During high-stress periods, sometimes you just need to let out an ugly scream or a cry or a rant. That’s what friends are for! I rely heavily on my bestie for venting and she does the same with me. In fact, I try to make sure we have at least one solid chat every week as part of my wellness formula, even though our lives are busy. Don’t dismiss the power and importance of venting. Make sure you block out time for it! When I allow myself time to vent to a friend, I always end up feeling lighter and less alone.

I’d love to hear more about what methods work for you! Check out my instagram page where I’ve posted about my wellness formula. Share your suggestions and best practices there!