Mindset Shift: Create Space for the Good - Sonia Jhas
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Mindset Shift: Create Space for the Good

You are ready to create space. But first, give yourself a big high-five for finally slowing down, clearing out some of the crap, and being open to trying to do this whole fitness thing a ‘different way’.

I get how hard it is.

I’ve gone through the ups and downs of fad diets, overly restrictive eating, binge eating, obsessive exercise, no exercise, and back again SO. MANY. TIMES. I know it all too well, and let me tell you, it’s freakin’ exhausting.

What finally shook me out of the cycle?

Well, I realized that I could not only enjoy my life, but also get BETTER results, by letting go of the self-inflicted torture. By taking the time to create space for a healthier mindset, I also made room for real, sustainable progress.


  1. A positive mindset

It sounds cheesy, but affirmations and positive quotes can REALLY make a difference. I find, more than anything, that they help me shut off my generally-negative inner voice, and allow me to replace my thoughts with kinder, gentler ones. I love to start my day with positive intentions as they help me kick things off on the right foot and ensure that I’m centered, in tune, and ready to tackle the day with purpose, as opposed to letting the day take hold of me.

Want to hear some of the intentions I’ve been able to create space for? Here’s what I’ve focused on in my morning pages:

  • I am capable of taking tiny steps forward, into a life I truly love.
  • I am in the process of positive changes.
  • I am connected to boundless abundance, creativity, and potential.
  • I relax into a plan that’s bigger and better than my own.


  1. Time and space

Another powerful way to check in with yourself is to create space to observe your thoughts. Through journaling, meditating or simply taking a walk outside – you give yourself an opportunity to slow down and listen to how you really feel.

A suggestion? Make “dates” with yourself to try a new workout or a new potential interest. Breaking up the monotony can keep you feeling motivated and playful about your journey and will also help you progress through challenges.

One of my favourite ways to create space for myself is in my new meditation corner. Checking in with myself for 15 mins every morning helps me stay connected to what goals matter to me most (because we can’t do it all, am I right?!).


  1. Create Space to Celebrate Even The Smallest Successes

We ALL like gold stars. We just do. They look pretty… and they give us a feeling of accomplishment. I like gold stars so much I freakin’ give them to MYSELF just so that I can silently pat myself on the back and say “hey Sonia, you’re doing good”. Because let’s face it, nobody else in this day and age is going to be stopping to give you a high 5 on your progress in life! 

Find some kind of progress tracker – something that makes you feel excited when you look at it, and something that you can keep updated easily. Trust me, if it’s a pain the ass, you won’t do it, and then you’ll be struggling to catch up, and then you’ll feel stressed and behind, and then you’ll stuff your face with a slice of pizza. (True story… lol).

Ultimately, there’s no magic pill achieving happiness or results, but when you build momentum and treat yourself like you’re doing a great job – you are on your way!